Saanti Massage Studio – Thai Yoga Massage by Melissa Chaffin, LMT

Welcome to Saanti Massage Studio!

The dream of Saanti Massage Studio started in September of 2012 as I started to explore my passion of serving caregivers and those they care for.

Not so coincidentally I was led to Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) as a very therapeutic technique that includes a combination of assisted stretching, movement and running energy lines.  TYM is about creating awareness, openings and space.   TYM is also known as the “lazy man’s yoga” – as the massage therapist is doing yoga for the receiver.

The benefits include increased range of motion, improved balance, relaxation, stress reduction, muscle tension release, improved circulation and increased energy.

Over the last two years I have developed a 30 minute full body stretch for people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.   This stretch has proven very effective in reducing rigidity and improving mobility resulting in more independence.

I work from the Senior Resource Center at 3227 Chase Street in Wheat Ridge on Friday afternoons as well as out of my home studio at 3860 Field Drive in Wheat Ridge.  For those that are unable to come to me I can travel with my mat or my massage table.

Stretching is a natural and comfortable thing that every person can do – no matter where they are today.  Look at your cat or your dog.  The first thing they do when they get up is to s-t-r-e-t-c-h!   Stretching prevents injury, improves performance and just feels good!

Saanti is also pleased to have added a Class IV cold laser our menu.  Cold laser is totally non invasive, pain free way to stimulate healing on a deep cellular level.   Cold Laser Therapy has been used by professional sports teams to accelerate healing for a decade – and now it is available to you.   This modality can compliment physical therapy and can be used post surgically to stimulate healing.

I look forward to sharing my practice with you!

All is well

Melissa, LMT

Reiki Master